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  • 🍯What is the BeezHive?
    One of the first projects of its kind, which is entirely dedicated to saving and increasing the bee population worldwide. Join the Hive, save the Beez!🐝
  • 🍯Who is likely to be airdropped a beehive NFT?
    Our top 100 volume generating holders. More information can be found in the Whitepaper.
  • 🍯What can I do with my beehive NFTs?
    The beehive NFTs will be very limited and their utility wouldn’t be too crazy, so it’s all kept fair between all holders. Beehive NFT will grant you a name tag on an IRL beehive in our apiaries as well as 24/7 online access to the CCTV overlooking the apiary where your beehive is.
  • 🍯How long do I have ownership rights on a beehive NFT?
    There will be no expiry date on those limited NFTs. However if you sell your beehive NFT, you’ll lose your name tag and also the access to the CCTVs overlooking the apiary.
  • 🍯What happens if I want to trade my honey share for money?
    The exchange rate in terms of x amount of money per one kg often varies. It would be dependent on the current company acting as our buyer at the time. In order to receive the best price possible per 1kg of honey, we’ll be building our own ecom brand which will allow us to charge as much as possible.
  • 🍯If I have chosen to trade my honey for money, what currency will I receive?
    All honey payouts will be done in ADA.
  • 🍯What type of honey will be produced?
    It will be different kinds depending on the apiary's environment but we will strive to predominantly produce pine honey which is proven to be one of the healthiest. All honey produced will be 100% organic and of the highest possible quality!
  • 🍯How can I buy BeezHive NFTs if I miss the mint?
    When the mint ends, you will be able to find them in secondary market places like
  • 🍯What do I do if I have purchased a beehive NFT from the secondary market?
    If you haven’t already then you need to verify your holding wallet through our bot on Discord which will then automatically assign you the correct roles and accesses.
  • 🍯How can I creat a support ticket?
    Check #📩︱open-a-ticket in our Discord and click on the button below the box.
  • 🍯How can I protect myself from dangers and scams?
    First of all our team will never direct massage you you first. Please reach out to us first. We will never send you links etc. Never trust a 3rd party who claims to be from a certain project. In the end, they might not be. Never share your passwords or wallet seed phrase. Do not click any links that are sent to your Private Messages unless you know the person sending them. Scammers usually target their victims through their DMs and use phishing links to hack into the user's wallet.
  • 🍯What are the wallets I can hold my BeezHive collections in?
    The wallets that are BeezHive-compatible are: -> Daedalus -> Yoroi -> Nami -> Gero -> Flint All official Cardano wallets can be used for the BeezHive collections.
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